Why Does the Toilet Keep Running?

Why Does the Toilet Keep Running?

You are going about your day when you hear it – that familiar sound of the toilet running even though you used it an hour ago. Does this sound familiar? If so, then your toilet could be wasting gallons of water a day, and raising your utility bill.

So, why does the toilet keep running? We will explain some common issues associated with running toilets.

Internal Issues

A running toilet is usually the symptom of an internal leak. As such, many of the solutions to the issue can be found inside your toilet. The first step to fixing your problem is to get to know your toilet. Learn the basic structure of your toilet to see just how deep the issue goes. You can fix some internal issues. However, you should always seek professional assistance to ensure the safety of your plumbing.

Understanding the internal mechanism can help you understand why your toilet keep running.

Float Ball Issues

The float ball is the big plastic balloon-like object you see when opening the lid of your toilet. A damaged or misadjusted float ball can cause water to dribble into the toilet tank. This creates a chain reaction that can cause your toilet to run indefinitely. Check your float ball to see if it is stuck or resting awkwardly. Simply lift and readjust the float ball to fix this issue. Do not worry about the water as it is clean. A damaged float ball will require repair or replacement.

Damaged Flapper

The toilet flapper is the small seal that lifts every time you flush. The flapper naturally lifts and drops to reseal the toilet’s tank once enough water exits it. However, if the flapper is damaged then water will constantly seep into your toilet bowl. Flappers can be replaced, but the procedure requires the toilet’s water supply to be temporarily cut.

Other Culprits

If water keeps running until the flush handle is wiggled, then the issue most likely originates from a bad linkage between tankball and flush handle. A sticky tankball or flapper valve will fail to fall into the drain and cause persisting issues.

Are Puddles of Water Also Settling Around Your Toilet?

Is your toilet not just running, but also forming puddles? Though there may be many causes for this issue, a clogged pipe is one of the possibilities. This is because overtime the accumulation of debris, grease and other materials can create a blockage within the pipe that can lead to a leakage. When these situations occur, it is important to contact a professional plumbing service urgently. Untreated blockages can cause further harm to your plumbing overtime.

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