When do you need to call a plumbing expert?

When Do You Need To Call A Plumbing Expert?

Have you ever wondered when you should call a plumbing expert? 

Most of you might assume that it isn’t necessary to hire a professional. Since most common plumbing issues could be undertaken by yourself, many believe that there’s no purpose in contacting a professional plumber. Whereas, in reality, plumbers are an essential resource for every household.

Why? Well, there are several answers to this question. First, even though you might have an overall idea about tackling a common issue such as clogged drains, your knowledge remains limited. That being said, oftentimes the lack of expertise might actually worsen the situations.

Second, especially during these difficult times where most people spend their day indoors, household plumbing problems tend to arise with time. With the increase in plumbing issues’ frequency, how many of you would have the time and energy to fix every single plumbing trouble?

This explains why the demand for plumbers is expected to rise in the upcoming years.

Lastly, as most plumbing-related issues happen impulsively, it is hard to predict when it would actually occur. In other words, if something happens during the nighttime, most homeowners wouldn’t have the necessary tools, skillsets, and experience to handle the plumbing conditions efficiently.

These are the reasons why you need to depend on a 24/7 plumbing services company to handle all your plumbing concerns! To better understand the importance of a plumbing expert, in today’s blog, we’re going to explore the top emergency circumstances in which you have to rely on a professional to resolve all damages.

3 Times You Should Contact A Plumbing Expert

Flooding: This is a classic example where you need to reach out for a plumbing expert. Oftentimes, when the situation has escalated to home flooding, it is considered as a plumbing emergency. It is important to understand that there are different reasons that might lead to home flooding. For instance, the most occurring causes of home flooding consist of burst pipes.

Burst pipes can happen anytime in different areas of the house. That being said, homeowners might have the ability to stop the water from flowing in a specific area, but it wouldn’t prevent the other places from draining. Therefore, in order to prevent the damages from surging, you need to contact a plumbing expert as soon as possible.

This is the fastest solution to save your entire property from serious harm. In the same way, if you decide not to call a plumbing expert to deal with the current issue, the situation might worsen with time. This means that you’ll have to pay a large sum of money for household insurance and restoration.

Home flooding is an important issue that shouldn't be ignored and should be left in the hand of a plumbing expert!

Gas Leak: Every homeowner should be on the alert of gaseous odors. Why? If your water heater shows signs of gas leaks, it can be extremely dangerous for you and your surroundings to remain in the household.

Keep in mind that it is not normal to smell gas near the water heater tank. This phenomenon can be caused by several reasons such as combustion issues, malfunction in the water heater system, etc. In extreme cases, this can lead to severe explosions.

For that reason, as soon as you noticed some unusual signs such as your water heater heating up or the tank starts to leak, call your local plumbing company immediately. Furthermore, as you wait for the arrival of the professional technician, you should be implementing some safety measures to prevent the situations from worsening.

For instance, you can start by turning off the water heater tank. Then, to prevent yourself from potential risks, you should stay away from the water heater until the arrival of a professional.

A leak in the water heater tank can lead to severe damages. Therefore, don't wait any longer and contact a plumbing expert for assistance!

Low Water Pressure: To determine whether or not your household’s water pressure situation is serious enough to contact a plumbing expert, you should verify certain things. In other words, since low water pressure can occur for various reasons, it is important to troubleshoot the cause of the issue.

For example, if your low water pressure is caused by the fact that too many people in the household are using appliances that require water all at once. This situation isn’t something that you should be worried about. Oftentimes, the water flow will return to normal after a short period of time.

However, if your low water pressure is due to leaking pipes, you’ll need to reach out to a plumbing expert for a thorough inspection of your piping system. This is one of the situations that homeowners can’t handle by themselves. The reason behind this is because the major blockage often happens in the deepest areas of the piping system; therefore, most people wouldn’t have the knowledge and equipment to resolve the plumbing-related problem. This is why you should leave it in the hands of a professional.

Low water pressure can be caused for multiple reasons. Your first step should be to determine the origin of the problem!


In short, don’t underestimate the importance of hiring a plumbing expert! Investing time and money on a plumber’s visit can ensure your household’s safety for a long period of time. Moreover, it also strengthens the life expectancy of your home appliances in which you wouldn’t have to invest regularly in repair and maintenance.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to call trustworthy companies such as CJ Drain & Plumbing. The team is always ready to resolve all your plumbing concerns no matter if they are small or major problems. Don’t forget that it is our job to ensure customer satisfaction and to provide a safe household environment for our consumers!

Have you ever reached out to a plumbing expert for help?