How To Unclog Toilet With A Snake

How do you unclog a toilet with a snake, first lets start with the basics. When our toilets become clogged our first instinct is to grab a toilet plunger to solve the problem. Better known as the cup plunger, which can be used to unclog sinks, bathtub drains and of course the toilet. More times than not this tool can unclog the issue no problem. But what do you do if the plunger is not working?

How To Unclog Toilet Using A Snake

First of all you are probably wondering what a snake is and why should you start using it. It is also known as toilet auger, and sometimes even a closet auger, found alongside the old fashion term for toilet; water closet. It is great for removing clogs deep within the narrow pipes. It is one of the best tools to use because it can reach deeper than any other tool. Snaking itself is quite simple and requires minimal movement. Although it is important that you know how to properly dispose of the materials, keep your workspace clean and how to protect your pipes. All you will need is a toilet auger, or snake as well as some rubber gloves.

1. First Insert The Toilet Auger/Snake Cable.

Place the snake in the toilet, and pull the handle all the way up until the cable is close to the curved end of the snake. The curved part of the snake will make it easier for the cable to go down the drain. The rubber end protects the toilet from any dents or scratches. When it is properly inserted you shouldn’t be able to see the end of the cable, you will only be able to see the housing. Side note; anytime handling the cable be sure to use rubber gloves.

2. Crank The Handle To Snake The Cable Into The Clog.

The toilet auger or the snake works by rotating the cable so it can move down the drain in a screwing motion. Most clogs happen in the first section of the drain, in the drain trap configuration.

Use one hand to hold the toilet snake in place and use the other hand to turn the handle in the a cranking motion. To get the auger or snake all the way down you need to reverse the direction you are cranking the handle a couple times. Once you have pushed the cable through the clog, crank the handle backwards retracting the cable backwards. Once you have retrieved the cable, flush the toilet to make sure the clog is fully removed. Repeat as many times a necessary until the clog is completely removed.

Toilet still clogged?

If you have tried using the toilet snake and a plunger yet the clog will still not budge you will need to call a professional plumber. Our team at CJ Drain and Plumbing are only a call away. We give upfront pricing with full communication before we begin any task and a 24/hr emergency services for residential and commercial establishments. We offer services in Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Oakville, Brampton, Mississauga , North York, and Woodbridge. No job is too big or too small just give us a call!


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