Causes of Basement Flooding


It definitely is a lot of headache when your basement is flooded. Here, we are going to talk about different causes for you basement to flood so you can appropriate steps to prevent basement flooding.

When stormwater or ground water seeps in the basement (drainage failure) due to:

– A crack or leak in your home’s foundation, basement walls, or basement windows or door

– Poor lot grading or drainage

– Failure of the weeping tile system (foundation drains)

– Failure of sump pumps (in some homes) used to pump weeping tile water

– Overflowing eavestroughs

– Leaking or plugged downspouts

A sewer back-up caused by a blocked or overwhelmed sewer pipe.

One of the main causes of basement flooding consists of clogged sinks.

– Blockages are typically caused by items that are incorrectly flushed or – poured down the drain. Tree roots and broken or cracked sewer pipes can also cause blockages.

– Overwhelmed sewer pipes can happen during extreme rain. If the sewers fill beyond capacity, the water will travel backward in the sewer pipe and into the home.

We hope this has been some help for you to see what are the main causes of basement flooding.


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